When The Sidewalk Ends


HipStory has undoubtedly begun to make a major imprint on the Boston Music Scene. After comprising a successful mixtape series over the last 5-6 years under rap duo alias, The Valid-DictoriansCliff Notez, is branching out alone for his first solo project, When the Sidewalk Ends, continuing the HipStory host streak. #WTSE is a musical journey of growth, struggle, resistance, and resilience. When the Sidewalk Ends is a rhythmic dive into the psychological oppressed mind of the black mind. Blending Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Jazz, Cliff shows his musical versatility cast a large net with his debut project. #WTSE offers the proposition that black bodies are suffering in more ways than just physically and within this 15 track testimony, he argues his thesis.The Album is to be released on Independence Day, Tuesday [July 4th] 2017.

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“When The Sidewalk Ends is the musical examination of the black-male psyche after enduring and continuing to survive both acute and general trauma. It is the search for heal and asylum from the daily tribulations that occur on account of one’s racial background. It is my hope that this album begins a conversation about what the recognition of this reoccurring undiagnosed issue looks like, what could it’s healing entail. This album embraces the fact that its issues are dense and deeply rooted in a system designed for the failure of anyone who tries to dismantle it. This album is a testimony of existence, protest, and survival and how they all become synonymous and unified in the prolonging of the black body.” – Cliff Notez

After filming and scoring two films that are making major waves on the film festival circuit, and rapidly infiltrating Universities & College curriculums, producing Forté’s The Impatient Mixtape, The Valid-Dictorians’ Black HipStory Funk, beats for Russell Simmons commercials and Shane Romero Anti-Trump Campaign,,  and Oompa’s November 3rd album dominating year [November 3rd received local acclaim with such distinct honors as making Allston Pudding’s top 50 albums of 2016, Dig Boston’s Top 30 local albums of 2016] Cliff Notez & WTSE aims to be the perfect follow up for the HipStory crew boasting collaborations with The HipStory Family [Oompa, Forté, VQnC, Hamstank & Tim Hall] and Darius Heywood, Makalani, Dhy Berry, Black Venus, Porsha O and contributions from more listed below. The official album release party/show will be held at a later disclosed location on Independence Day, in Boston. RSVP at HSHP8.Eventbrite.com to attend! 

In the meantime, check out one of the only other producers on the project, aside from Cliff, Tim Hall, 1 half of HallnOtez, talk about his experience working on #WTSE and how this has been a coming out party of his own as a producer.