VQnC is an artist, writer, and singer whose love of performing stems from her southern roots and musical family. Growing up in a house of creatives, music was always at the center of her life. From making up songs in the sandbox at school, to singing in Irish pubs with her father, she’s always been a natural performer and has used music as a tool to bring people together.

VQnC thrives in the inevitable duality of experience and tries to feel that in her music: the shadow of sadness that silhouettes joy, the pleasure of realizing the pain has passed. Each emotion and insight is given meaning by its contradictory counterpart which, in singing, is ever a breath away.

For VQnC, performing is more than singing; it’s living in the song and breathing life into the music. VQnC has a presence, a soulfulness that draws influence from female singers, like Erykah Badu, Sade, and Stevie Nicks, whose signature sounds embrace imperfection and vulnerability, sensuality and emotional realism. Her confidence on stage derives in large part from her experience fronting an improvisational electronic music collective. There’s an art to captivating an audience without a roadmap, creating moments where music and meditation coincide, and she has learned her art well.

Currently the lead singer of Boston’s funk rock band, Dr. Fidelity, VQnC has also shared the stage with artists such as Busty and the Bass, Robert Delong, WET, ExMag, Congo Sanchez, Kawehi, Snoh Allegra, and Quantic. VQnC is excited to explore new areas of her artistry as she embarks on her first solo project with Hipstory, “Champagne Anemoia”.