Kimo Hill

  Jourdan Christopher is a writer, documentary and street photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. From the rows of the train to the concrete of the streets, focusing on images themed around race, class, gender and normality as well as deep involvement in community activism, Jourdan creates visuals and narratives that […]

HipStory Welcomes Photographer Jourdan Christopher to Staff as Digital Archivist

  HipStory Films Tickets Admission $7.00 USDAdmission + Donation $12.00 USDAdmission + Donation2 $20.00 USD Help us close out Black History Month as we debut these two important films expanding on trauma, related to racism and its counterparts, can affect mental health of people of color. This is a public […]

Vitiligo & Art of Being Haunted Premiering at the Rockwell ...

          The award nominated film The Art of Being Haunted written and directed by Hakim ‘Kimo’ Hill was recently nominated for Best Guerilla Film at the 2016 Action on Film awards in Monrovia, California. This was the film’s first premiere as it continues to circuit film […]

HipStory to Publish “Art of Being Haunted” Film, Directed by ...