When’s HipStory In My City?

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I'm on the cover of @DigBoston calling out music venues/promoters for being anti-hip hop and/or (mostly and) racist. Cuz that shits not cool and we're not gonna stop doing what we do anyway...read more : https://t.co/rPXI6gnnTQ or grab a copy 🖤


Private listening party at the MFA for the new @STLGLD album. Awesome album. Launches February 1st. https://t.co/m0vM64Lu1o

.@BMAs_Boston : Hip Hop is important here and leading the pack musically. This is important for the city to grow.

Me: I think they finally see us yo

@bostoncalling :

Merry Christmas from the HipStory crew. Sending you love and restfulness as we close the new year! #MerryChirstmas #hipstory #joy #thankful #newgoals

2018 Boston Music Award winner for New Artist of the year. Thank you all so much 😬🖤

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