When’s HipStory In My City?

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Happy BDay to our Founder @cliffnotezz we love and appreciate you! Send our brother to some love while he on his first international tour in the UK! #cliffnotez #hipstory #HappyBirthday

My @STLGLD brothers and I are performing live this Friday at @ClubOBERON with an Orchestra. You should come check it out. Tix available here: https://t.co/ii1ykoYbCO

.@thehipstory started as a mixtape, found a home online as https://t.co/8kGhK6jc7T, and then, at one point or another, set its sights on conquering every corner of the musical world. https://t.co/nuyWI00r4Y

Huge shout out and thank you to @ScoutSomerville for writing the dopest article about us! Make sure to check it out and learn more about our transition, growth, and plans for 2018 and beyond! https://t.co/tEea2Is3xq

This is in print for the latest @ScoutSomerville. Pick up a copy (or just wait a bit longer til it’s online!) for the story of @thehipstory. @cliffnotezz, @tv_hall and @hamstanky talk music production, representation in digital media, and the importance of doing dope shit.

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