There’s been a lot of talk after The Valid-Dictorians’ recent release, but this one might just be much more important. After the HipStory Ogees made sure we knew they were back and still making relavent music, TVD smack us in the face as they lyrically excercise their freedom of speech. […]

The Valid-Dictorians Try to Make Racists More Aware of Themselves

Yo, The Valid-Dictorians haven’t put out a record since the 90’s; Not really, but really. The last time The Valid-Dictorians [TVD] blessed the world with new tunes, Nostalgia: Define.Beauty¬†¬†was released, as an ode to 90’s music they grew up with. Since then, it’s been the waves have settled down, and […]

Valid-Dictorians are back with a new track !!

Here we go, Tim Hall drops a surprise record on his Birthday, and all he wants to do…is say, “Hey.” The Detroit Native, Saxophonist, poet, and above all newest Edition, is prepping for the release of his first project under HipStory. Check him out !    

Tim Hall saying “Hey” in His Introductory Track to the ...