Hamstank Debuts 1st Visuals for Upcoming Album


Hamstank releases the first look at his upcoming album, “Rise of the Giant King.” Designed by Hipstory’s own Nick Martin, the video gives us the first look of the world that the Giant King will rise to conquer. In a collaboration with more than 25 artists, the title track, which is highlighted in the trailer, features Luke Kinnealey (ex-Drinking Games), Tory Corless (Dr. Fidelity/VQnC), Tim Hall, and a captivating voiceover by Sean Snyder.  The Giant King rises on January 9th, 2018.

A thousand years have passed since the undead tyrant was sealed away, Now a creature of myth, the Giant King’s seals are fading and he will rise once more. The messengers seek to spread warning of his imminent arrival, but to their dismay, the warnings may come too late.