HipStory Announces Summer Tour!




The HipStoric Summer Tour will happen this July in hopes of promoting Oompa’s critically acclaimed – November 3rd, Forté’s – Impatient Mixtape, Tim Hall’s – Color of My Soul, and Cliff Notez impending album release – When the Sidewalk Ends. In addition to offering fans an “intimate” concert experience, this will be the first time fans will have access to exclusive new music, official HipStory merchandise, and pre-orders of future projects for HipStory. The first 7 days of the tour will focus on venues in New England, and then on July 8th, 2017 we take our crew to New York and travel over 7 days ending in the Nola. HipStory will rock venues with their funky, soulful, and classic hip-hop sound. Each 45 – 60 minute set will give audiences a taste of each artist and showcase the power behind our music. From live music and poetry venues and festivals, to radio stations and workshops, HipStory will be taking over the scene throughout the country. Please find tour information & how to donate here.