Cliff Notez Produces New Music for Shane Romero with Anti-Trump Theme

Worldwide known Brooklyn Poet, Shane Romero, comes full force with his new visual “Making America Great”. As he puts it, this is his “executive order” to the current President, Donald Trump. Shane, who is Mexican-American starts the poem off with a vivid story about his hard-working, relentless, and dedicated father whose symbolic hands taught him everything. This becomes the underlying theme of the poem. The second part of the poem brings a nice and unexpected turn. Shane, puts you face to face with what he details as the most stunning East African Muslim woman. Shane’s story is honest, in your face, and commands your full attention with that and the scrolling text you are fully locked in.

While on tour in Mexico City, Shane teamed up with Director/Producer of MonsterFly Studios, Ramiro Medina Flores. Ramero, picking the perfect locations in Mexico to offer a stunning backdrop to Shane’s poem. Accompanying the poem is a settle, yet chilling, beat done by Producer Cliff Notez, who has teamed up with Shane for multiple projects.