5 Reasons You Should Listen to Oompa’s “November 3rd”

1: Top 30 Local Albums via DigBoston.Com

2. Top 50 Albums via Allston Pudding

3. Now on Spotify, Itunes, and Bandcamp  !



4. Oompa puts on a hell of a performance, as proven at their last show at Zumix.

Photo’s by VQnC

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Oh and NPS Final Stage 2016

5. Don’t be silly. Just listen. Oompa clearly poured her heart and soul into this project. With a little help from their HipStory family; Cliff Notez & Hamstank, along with some production from big brother Latrell James, November 3rd is a HipStory classic that should be making It’s way into your Itunes playlist.