Vitiligo & Art of Being Haunted Premiering at the Rockwell Theatre


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Help us close out Black History Month as we debut these two important films expanding on trauma, related to racism and its counterparts, can affect mental health of people of color. This is a public screening of “Vitiligo” short film along with a viewing of “The Art of Being Haunted” short film.

Location: The Rockwell 255 Elm Street Somerville, Massachusetts 02114 @ 7:30 pm

Vitiligo is a short Psychological Suspense/Thriller that tells the story of a doctoral student who is guest lecturing a series on the inequalities/disparities for African Americans in media representations. This is the story of the events that transpire after an unnamed traumatic event has happened to Richard, and we walk through his psychotic break, trying to piece together clues that will point us to its original cause.
Directed by : Cliff Notez
Co Directed by : Hakim Hill
Produced by: Cliff Notez & HipStory

The Art of Being Haunted:
After getting into a fight at a house party, Basqui, a first-year college student facing school financial issues, and his group of friends, face retaliation that turns violent. Some time later, the weight of stress and paranoia interrupts Basqui’s day as he tries to make his way back to school. Bringing his friends with him to start the new semester, they make sure to remind Basqui that he has his hand of guilt in the violent events that transpired.
Directed by : Hakim Hill
Produced by: Noube Productions, Cliff Notez, & HipStory

Tickets: $7 in Advance, $10 dollars at the door