Oompa Debut’s ‘November 3rd (#Nov3)’ Project

Oompa states “This Album is ‘pay what you can’ via bandcamp, but if you make a donation of 10 dollars or more you will receive a signed physical copy as well!”

NOV3 is Oompa’s first music project and takes us through a very tragic and pivotal time in her life. On November 3rd, 2009 her mother passed away suddenly, and at that moment she knew her life would be changed forever. For a long time she swore it would be for the worst–If not because she was now without the woman who raised her and loved her when the world refused to, then definitely because of all of the other identities looming over her existence now. With passionate and raw lyrics and delivery, Oompa intends to take listeners on some of that ride with her. NOV3 symbolizes the stages of grief after losing a parent, survival and triump, and is an all around Ode and ‘thank you’ to the woman who poured everything she had into anyone who would have it.