HipStoric Night for Boston Hip-Hop with Volume II of their House Party Series

On the night of March 26th, the HipStory Studio took an invigorating tour through Boston. We begun the night in Roslindale with a melodic history lesson from HiFadility. After being invigorated by the producer with some surprise guests, Cam Conscious and Ian Archibold, we caught the 34 bus to meet up with one of Roxbury’s finest, Oompa,  at Jackson Square. We rocked out super hard with the Academy Homes’ bread Emcee until she completed her set, leaving us hungry for more. It was all good because we took the 42 to Dudley, got a steak and cheese and some pizza, then hopped on to the 19 bus to end the evening in Fields Corner. It was where their where Dorchester’s very own, Latrell James, picked us up in his infamous lyrical Altima. I know, I know, we hate taking the bus too, especially the 19, but it’s safe to say; it was worth cramping up and riding out together on those buses.

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It was pure Hip-Hop; knowledge-of-self type Hip-Hop, raise-through-roof-and-bob-your-neck-til-it-breaks type Hip-Hop. It was the kind of Hip-Hop that generally makes you feel good. The energy levels kept increasing in the room until we literally reached Super Sayain 3 with Latrell ending the night. It’s safe to say that March 26th, the day of our second volume of the HipStory House Parties, will forever go down as one of the most memorable shows thats this city has seen in a long time. Check out pictures from our spectacular commute and stay tuned for videos !

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