1st HipStory House Party was a Success!!!

‘Twas a night for firsts for the HipStory Crew on February 20th, 2016. That date marks the beginning of the the Hip-Story House Party series! It was a night for music, networking, libations and general good vibes!

The HipStory House Party [HSHP] is an extension of our mission statement, which highlights our goal of the redefining of the future-history of Hip-Hop. HSHP aims to bring back the live performance element of Hip-Hop, which gave birth to it’s distinct value of lyricism and showmanship in ciphers in the 80s.The Artist we invite to be apart of HSHP, may not be a rapper, beat maker, or even a HipStory recording artist, but none of that matters with HSHP. Here at HipStory we believe that Hip-Hop is one of the most diverse genres of music incepted and it would not be what it is, if not for its many diverse and unique influences. It is that level of diversity and community we hope to rejuvenate within the Boston Music Scene.

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On February 20th we opened our studio as an opportunity for artist to showcase their art and music on a more intimate level. Our house dj’s for the night; Disgonuts & Martin Van Nostrand usher in our guests with their extensive vinyl collection. Our guest drank, ate HipStory cake (and Cake pops) as we waited for our the doors to the main stage to reveal our amazing first performer, Marcela Cruz. Our audience was invigorated and inspired afer Marcela tore the house down. So it wasn’t a surprise when guests were astonished by the fact that the show wasn’t over and The Vibes would lull them into a deep trance of euphoria. I can only talk about this event so much, but you understand the magnitude of this event until you at least check out some of the pictures! The event was recorded by our team of professionals, so stay tuned to get hip to what else happened!


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