The Valid-Dictorians Try to Make Racists More Aware of Themselves

There’s been a lot of talk after The Valid-Dictorians’ recent release, but this one might just be much more important. After the HipStory Ogees made sure we knew they were back and still making relavent music, TVD smack us in the face as they lyrically excercise their freedom of speech.

Blessed by new production collaboration Bob Rabbit, The Valid-Dictorians give us “Racist,” an introspective look into how TVD believe racism to be not only an interpersonal and internalized issue, but a structural one as well. The artwork [created by Cliff], as always, is a message within itself alone. But this track…man let me tell you…it’s good to have The Valid-Dictorians back!

Check out the Valid-Dictorians new track “Racist” on soundcloud now!




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