Valid-Dictorians are back with a new track !!

Yo, The Valid-Dictorians haven’t put out a record since the 90’s; Not really, but really. The last time The Valid-Dictorians [TVD] blessed the world with new tunes, Nostalgia: Define.Beauty  was released, as an ode to 90’s music they grew up with. Since then, it’s been the waves have settled down, and TVD has been particularly quiet.

I mean, sure, we’ve had a couple loose records come out from the two of them. In 2015, Tyrek released, “Asthma.” For some of TVD fans at Wheaton College and in the Bronx, that was a crowd favorite, but that wasn’t technically a TVD song (The song featured lyrics from TWAP Billie and Tyrek  sprinkled over production by Cliff). Cliff has even made a bit of noise while he focused on Producing and Djing for the last two years. I guess part of the process of graduating head of the class means making your stake in the world. Although the fellas have been quiet, they’ve been hella busy. Tyrek’s still booming as a solo artist and Cliff’s got his hands in the beginnings of several other’s musical careers as he literally becomes a master of media.

But now they’ve conjoined forces again, for “Talkin’ Too Loud”, a Rob Highland assisted track. This song also features a slick, additional verse from the newly added HipStory artist, Forté. There voices juxtapose perfectly over the melodically appealing, and brutally boom-baptic production of Rob Highland. At first, the track comes off as slightly arrogant and partially braggadocios, but as  you realize what exactly is being said [so loudly] you’re forced to think about it a little differently.  Take a moment and listen to this new track from the HipStory pioneers themselves.


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